Closet Woes


I am blessed to have as much as I have and can’t help but feel a little bit bad to complain that I have too much – but after I put everything (non-P333) back into my closet, I feel a little overwhelmed.  I definitely have too many clothes!  I have been culling a lot again and have one full trash bag to donate.  Right to Left: the shoes are stacked, with the boots on the bottom (if you can’t tell, the collection has grown a little).  The white organizer has cami’s, t’s, sweaters, and accessories (belts, sunglasses, hats, etc). Pants are to the right. Then, the top rails are all my tops and dresses, each in their own little slot (I hope this will keep me from expanding).  The bottom rail is gear (hiking, painting/yard work, pajamas, gym, and cold weather gear). (Seasonal stuff, like shorts and skirts are in one drawer in another room.)

I have a concrete color scheme and finally have a concrete style descriptor thanks to my pinterest board and some helpful ladies on an online forum.  Based one what I wear and like, combined with my true life needs (i.e. super casual), I am aiming to not bring in or sew anything that doesn’t match “casual country classic with a hint a glam”.  (Basically an Eddie Bauer catalog with some personalized sparkle and/or leopard)

I hope to keep culling, as I have noticed that I have a lot of things that can serve the same purpose (like two coral/orangish 3/4 sleeve tops – one cotton, one jersey but very similar cuts and colors), but dang – it is really hard to get rid of stuff that isn’t even a year old and when you can’t pick a favorite!

I will own up to a shopping mistake and it is something that I am trying really hard to break – buying duplicates!  That aqua striped breton top that I picked up over a year ago following the purchase and love of the ivory/navy breton top that I LOVE – gets no wear.  I thought it would be a great idea, but in fact, I am just always reaching for the one I like better and I don’t even split the wears, because I never wear the aqua one!

The learning never ends…


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