Its has been a while, but I am ready to get back into sewing!

I keep working on projects that appeal to me, but exceed my skill level.  I have a half finished Colette Laurel hanging up in my dining room because I am terrified to put sleeves in on my fashion fabric.

Also, after a purchased an entry level serger and set it up in the dining room beside my sewing machine, my husband realized it was time to move me out before I move in for good!  We picked up a cheap desk which is the perfect size for a sewing table (still need a good chair) and moved me into some unused space in the bonus room.

I still haven’t figured out how to even turn my serger on – its really scary!

The whole reason I bought it was to make Colette’s Mabel and Moneta, and to dupe same expensive stretch lace boy shorts.  I do hope it will make everything else easier in my life, as well.

I decide to scale back the size of my projects as I get back into the swing of things.  My mother-in-law sent me One Yard Wonders

I plan to make the bedside organizer – keeping the prototype for myself.  If it turns out successful, I think I will turn it into Christmas gifts.

I am also going to make a dog bed, for the little fat one.

Then, I really want to finish my Laurel and then make a Colette Dahlia.  I am in love with it and really envision an eyelet one for summer.  I would like to dye it too, and was thinking peach!

So, those are my current sewing plans!


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