I discovered the Cobbler!

My precious Gasolina boots have been worn into the ground.  One section on both heels (I must drag my feet) has been worn all of the way to the stacked heel.  I found a local cobbler (who knew? and every time I say “cobbler”, someone laughs) and dropped my boots off.  They look awesome!  I am so excited that rather than having to buy a new pair, I can get mine fixed time and again!

Also, while I was there, some light metallic gold shoe cream caught my eye.  I have some gold ballet flats that have starting getting scuffed up, and it makes me not want to wear them as much because I am afraid I will keep scuffing them and then have to trash them.  Anyways, the gold shoe cream is almost an exact match, so I had to treat the whole shoe, but they look brand new again!  Amazing.

This discovery allows me to feel ok about spending more on a good pair of shoes because I am know how easily they can be repaired.  (In addition to shining and protecting them, which I already do!)

Now if only I could figure out how to fix the gigantic water stain on a leather bag – I wonder if the Cobbler can just dye it a dark brown to cover it up?