Also, I think I found my personal style sweet spot!

Claire Dunphy (from Modern Family) + Deb Morgan (from Dexter) = My happy spot.

I really love pretty, high maintenance clothing, but if I am to examine my life and dress appropriately, its a mix of casual knit tops and jeans, button ups for when I am feeling “fancier” than casual, suiting separates and dresses for when I have to get “fancy”.  I lean towards solids, but like patterns if they are stripes or plaids.  I have a few odd floral prints, but tend to favor floral prints in dresses.  I also have a soft spot for animal print accessories, low heeled boots and leather coats.  I like things that I can throw in the washer and can’t be bothered with dry cleaning or hand washing.  I don’t own any high heels over 1.5 inches and plan to keep it that way.  I am more comfortable in a sports bar than a dinner theater and like it that way.

When I break it down like this, it is so easy to figure out things that are “me” and things that aren’t.  I know what cuts and colors I like and pretty much ignore trends.  I don’t want to stand out, but I don’t want to disappear.  


I am still alive!

School is swallowing me alive, so I haven’t been able to sew any. I did, at least, make it to my local ASG Neighborhood Group Meeting this month. I have been so busy with work and school that today was the first day in two months that I have been able to clean my house (ick, I know…but its true).

I have also been working really hard on paring down my wardrobe to have a smaller, more cohesive and functional wardrobe and think I am almost at my sweet spot. I think I love about 80% of what is there now, with some things that need replaced/updated and some stuff that I haven’t worn so I am still on the fence.

I went from taking up half the walk in, plus a chest of six drawers and half of another chest of drawers to about a quarter of the walk in closest, a little chest of drawers for gear and the remaining half chest of drawers for underwear, socks, and sleepwear.

I fell hard off the no clothing shopping wagon and was proud that I set a clothing budget and would just work off the budget – however, its the end of May and I am 75% of the way through my yearly budget. I have another large purchase planned, a nice purse to replace the nice purse that I ruined, which will leave me pretty close to the end of my budget.


I really wish I took a before picture, long ago before the downsizing, but I didn’t .  In the left photo, my closet with stuffed full all the way over to the hanging organizer on the right (DH’s side).  Now, looking at the photo on the right, it is my dress capsule, then tops capsule (organized by color, and within color, by sleeve length – I have been doing my closest like this for well over a decade).  After tops, I have my college sports capsule, bottoms capsule, work capsule, and business capsule.  I then have a hanging organizer that houses my sweaters, camisoles, accessories (hats, gloves, wallets, belts),  and clothing care and mending supplies (shoe polish, sewing kit, febreeze, etc.).  Lastly, I have my shoe organizer, which houses all my shoes except for my moto boots, work boots, and rain boots.  Also missing is my outerwear capsule which stays in the downstairs closet.

All and all, I am pretty impressed.  Although I keep buying, I am buying smart – replacing some things that are worn out or ill fitting, and continue to downsize.  I think the hardest part was reducing my college sports capsule, as I love my team.  However, I don’t need six hoodies, 2 jackets, 12 t-shirts, 3 sweat pants, etc. to show my love.  The collection is still large, but its a lot better than it was!  The fewer pieces I have in my collection, the more I get to wear them!