Self Discovery – Uniforms

I am technically done with P333, Round 2.  I gave up a couple weeks early and don’t feel too bad because I did complete at least one full round.  This second round, and more importantly – post second round has been very valuable.

After staring hard into my closet one morning before work, trying to figure out what to wear – I grabbed “ol’ reliable”, my teal and purple flannel and built my outfit off of that.  Bootcut jeans, a v-neck short sleeve T-shirt, and my boots.  This moment had quite an impact on me:

I am a uniform dresser!  I keep running into problems when I try to change that.  Getting outside of my core uniform creates closet orphans.  Maybe change is good for some people, but for me – what I have works (I think) and every time I try to change, the cycle starts again (purchase new stuff, purge old, miss old stuff, purge new stuff, replace old purged stuff).

I have worn uniforms every since my first job.  It sort of stinks, I mean – most uniforms aren’t in my flattering cuts or colors, but I do like how it takes all the thinking out of the morning.  Throw on uniform and go; easy, peasy!

After repurchasing some T-shirts (because I got rid of some, when I thought that “buying multiples in different colors” was horrible advise for someone who wanted a smaller, more stylish wardrobe), I realized that uniforms are me and that is what I am comfortable with right now.

I kid myself when I think I want pretty, fancy clothes.  I take off my nicest stuff as soon as I walk in the door, because we can’t have nice things with our stinky, fur factories.  I prefer comfort and ease of care over most things.  I have a special place in my heart for dual purpose or functional clothing.

My uniforms:

  • Skinny jeans + looser top (usually tunic style, sleeve lengths vary depending on season) + ballet flats/kitten heels/boots
  • Boot cut jeans (by the way, apparently those went out of style the last few years, but I didn’t know that – just realized it when I heard they were back in style, lol) + fitted T-shirt/tank (sleeve lengths vary with seasons) + (optional) pullover/button-up + ballet flats/kitten heels/boots
  • Loose pants (i.e.cargo pants) + fitted shirt/tank + (optional) pullover/button-up + ballet flats/tennis shoes/sandals
  • Dress + (optional) pullover/button-up + flats/sandals/heels
  • Casual skirt + top + (optional) button-up + flats/sandals/heels

So, there you have it!  I have very solid preferences:  I prefer a balanced silhouette (loose + fitted), err towards casual, and enjoy layering. I like v-necks, scoop necks, boat necks and square necks – can’t stand crew necks!  I think these cuts work on my body, they fit my lifestyle, and combine in ways that make all pieces functional.  Oh, and I practically live in cotton and cotton blends.



  1. Yes, uniforms make life easier, don’t they? Some people argue that they eliminate choice but I disagree. The choice is there, it’s just that the decision-making process is front-loaded so once you fill your closet with your version of the perfect uniform, you can conserve your decision-making energy for other important things.

  2. I am a complete uniform dresser at work. I have 4 knit skirts that are exactly the same (2 gray 2 black.) 7 or 8 tops and 8 or so cardigans (a few heavier for winter, some middle, and a couple light for summer). In the winter I add leggings.

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