Hi, My name is Avettestingray and I have a problem…

When I last spoke, I mentioned failing the RTW fast.  Well, it has gotten worse, and I have just returned from a binge at the Eddie Bauer Outlet.  Things just haven’t been working out as planned and I will break down my thought processes here:

“I will only buy underwear and ‘gear'”.  

“Undershirts are underwear, right?  I mean, in the summer, they might be the only shirt I wear, but for all intents and purposes, I am buying these American made camisoles (https://www.shopsecondbase.com/midi/meredith-midi/) as underwear.  Plus, they are American!”

“I should get a couple of wicking tops, for travel…and gym.  Multipurpose and it is gear, right?”  Picked up a couple Kirkland Signature Racerback Yoga shirts (love by the way).

“I need a new bikini.  I have been working hard on my figure and I want to show it off with something a little more “oh la la” this year.”  Purchased string bikini.  “Well, I need a matching sarong that can double as a dress or something.”  Picked up matching sarong.

“Ooh, I need a good, quick drying wireless bra, that isn’t a sports bra.  I’ll just check online.”  Ordered two bras – like them, but they are far more “fancy” than “everyday”, so I kept them but hunted down a better option.

At Kohl’s, looking for good wireless bras and walked right into the Nike Dri-fit top I have been longing for.  It has been sold out online so I gave up all hope.  There it was, in my color, in my size, and on clearance.  “It was meant to be,.”  Scooped up Nike Shirt and a mesh pullover – super comfy.  “It is work out gear – so I am still doing ok, right?”  Finally made it to the bras, grabbed two that looked like they would fit the bill.  Feel in love with said bras and returned to Kohl’s the next day and bought two more.

While at Kohl’s for the second time in a week, “Oh my gosh, an olive green Henley!  I looooved mine until my washer ate it – here is a perfect replacement!”

Last weekend, I spilled olive oil on one of my favorite T-shirts.  Online searches have revealed that Eddie Bauer only carries colors this season that look horrid on me.  Seriously, love these T-shirts – they hold up really well and have a great fit.  Decided to go to Eddie Bauer Outlet today to replace my T-shirt.  It was friend’s and family sale.  “Well, they aren’t regularly carrying flattering colors right now, so I might as well grab any that I see.”  Picked up teal (replacement), brown, and white T-shirt, plus a white and oatmeal striped boatneck T-shirt, an olive chiffon-ish floral button-up shirt, and a very light weight white, blue, and light brown plaid button-up.


In defense – I am practicing the “one in one out” rule, and removed a bathing suit, pair of pajamas, two cardigans, a few t-shirts, a blouse, and six bras.

I also realized something very important about myself, which I will discuss in the next post.


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