Failed the RTW Fast

I just purchased a pair of pants.

I have the green ones; my husband bought them for me for Valentine’s Day.  I practically live in them and really wanted (I told myself I needed) another pair.  I used the excuse that they would be great for traveling – pack the two pairs, a skirt, and a pair of jeans and I will be ready for anything.  It isn’t untrue, but I didn’t really need them.  I also called them “gear”, since they are hiking pants.  Plus, I wear them to work a lot – but let’s just call it like it is:  they are pants.  To make up for it, I am following the “one in one out rule” and donating three bottoms (a penalty pair and plus I still have to make up for the green pair).  

Sigh.  I hang my head in shame.  

I also got swimwear.  And I think I have been stretching the underwear exemption.  I have purchased A LOT of bras, “undershirts” (which I totally plan on wearing alone during the summer), and I got a pair of shoes.  Summer shopping – for that three weeks of nice weather we get.

I haven’t gotten any sewing done – school sucks up all of my free time.  I will finish this current class tomorrow and then I start my capstone thesis course in a week – which will suck up another four months of my life.

Welp, better get back on track.  At least my failing wasn’t an impulse buy, right?  I mean, I wear the crap out of the green pants – pushing twice a week at work!  (Oh, I also gave up on the second run of P333 – another failing).  However, now that it is over, I keep reaching for the same tops – I must really like them!  I go for them, because otherwise, I just stand there staring at my full (again) closet trying to figure out what to wear.  I really do prefer the “less is more” route!


Budget Issues

While planning a budget, I mentioned that I would like to include fabric, notions, patterns, etc. towards my clothing budget.  That was extremely ambitious, lol.  I think, until I am confident enough in my sewing abilities, that fabric and notions shouldn’t be counted toward my budget – as I will be out of money, and out of fabric, and unable to practice.  That seems pretty self-defeating, so I am just going to ignore the costs of my hobby for now.  Especially when I make something unwearable and have to buy more fabric to try to make something I will actually wear.  Stay posted, as I am pretreating some more Aloha fabric, as I really love it – and want to be able to wear a shirt that fits right!