The Aloha Sorbetto – The top I love to hate!

Since winter seems to be dragging on and on this year, I decided I needed a project to bring a little bit of sun into the home.  Enter the cute grey, tan, green, and orange hibiscus printed cotton I found at the fabric store yesterday.  I have been wanting to take the plunge and make the Colette Sorbetto top as well, since half of the internet has made it.  I just wish I took the time to read some pattern reviews before I cut into my aloha fabric!

This shirt was a PITA, for me, as a beginner.  I have been avoiding all patterns with zippers, since the zipper fiasco of 2014.  I have also been avoiding patterns with bias tape – as it intimidates me for reasons I can’t articulate.  I decided to just take the plunge and do a pattern with bias tape because, how else would I learn?

Learn, I did.  I put the bias tape on the collar backwards (?) and had to unpick all the stitches.  Basically, I started the top yesterday afternoon, got to the point of ripping out the bias tape, and realized I needed to just pick it back up the next day.  So I got up bright and early and put the bias tape on the collar again.  I had some issues with the sewing machine becoming mis-threaded during the night (gnomes?) and didn’t realize it until after the giant bird’s nest – in which I had to figure out how to remove the throat plate (all before coffee).  It did give me a chance to clean the inside out and hammer in the fact that I need to cover it up when I am not using it!

Anyways, back to the bias tape – after many ups and downs, and ripping more stitches out – I finally got it on the collar and arm holes.  The shirt, after hemming, is a little shorter than I am comfortable with (which, has been mentioned in a gazillion pattern reviews), which is a shame.  I was planning on wearing this short to work on the next “Aloha Friday”.  I think I can still wear it as long as I wear an undershirt, but I sort of like the feeling of cotton against my skin now.  I converted this past Friday when I wore the paisley shirt at work; it was so comfortable!

So, I will call this a wearable muslin.  I have been working on trying to add a couple of inches to the pattern, which I already had traced out on swedish tracing paper.  It is also a little tight in the bust, which is weird, because I thought Colette Patterns were drafted for a C cup.  Besides the fitting issues – this is my favorite garment so far.  I love the print, the colors, the contrast bias tape, and the design!

Hmm, after seeing the picture of me wearing it, the arms appear a little tight as well.  Maybe I should think about enlarging them?  Man, I wish I knew more about fit.




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