First Wearable Woven!

I want a TNT for a basic woven shell.  I saw New Look 6483 at the craft store this weekend, and the “one hour sewing” + “easy” looked promising.  The directions were short (yay!) and it only had four pieces for the sleeveless shells.  I was a bit confused about the front and back facing.  Like, really confused.

Since I had just acquired 13 yards of muslin (I have big plans with finding perfect fits), and started a muslin of the top.  Given the disaster that was Simplicity 1589, I decided to cut a size ten.  First, let’s go back to Simplicity 1589 – it was super cute, and part of their “Learn to Sew” series, so I gave it a go a few weeks ago.  I cut out a size twelve, based on my true measurements, and went to town on some burnt orange linen.  I was working on View A, as I loved the cutout detail.  Well, about six hours later, I had most of a top.

I got hung up on the neck facing and armhole facing, but it’s ok – I didn’t need to figure it out to finish the top as I HATE the way it fits!  It is HUGE and I look like I am wearing a potato sack or circus tent.  The armsythes were too large, and I would not be able to wear the top without another top underneath!  I decided that any woven top I would make in the future would have darts, princess seams, or anything else to make it fitted.

Ok, back on topic.  I was seduced by some multicolor paisley cotton fabric with gold accents – it is so ugly, its pretty!  I had 3/4 a yard, but didn’t know what to do with it – I laid out the pattern and it would fit just right!  I first made most of the top with my muslin.  I got stumped last night with the facings and just basted everything together to get an idea of the fit.  It was a lot better than the circus tent, so I went ahead and cut out the paisley fabric and then went to bed.

I woke up this morning and had an “ah-ha” moment and realized what I needed to do with the facings!  I drank my coffee while stay stitching everything and ironing on my interfacing.  Instead of doing homework, I kept doing a little more on the shirt – until I had to stop and make myself do my homework.  I got back to the shirt, and finished it up.  I am still a bit confused on the stay stitching – it looks like crap and I am pretty sure it isn’t stay stitched!  To finish the seams, I turned the fabric under and edge stitched, but next time – I am going to do french seams, as I think it will be way quicker.

The shirt is done, minus the hem and the button – and I am really happy to have my first wearable woven garment, but I think I am having some fit issues.  I have no idea how to fix said fit issues.




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