Self-imposed Limits

Rather than work on some homework today, I procrastinated a bit over at, scouring the forums. 

I noticed that a lot of the women who “have it together”, have some sort of limits to their purchasing/acquisition of new clothes and accessories.  Many years ago, I was limited by my parents’ budgets for clothing; then later, I was limited by my meager wages.

Now, I don’t really have any actual limits to my shopping, which I how I got into the overfilled closet nightmare to begin with.  While noticing the trend of personal budgets for clothes, accessories, etc., I thought that it might be a good idea to try it out!  This time last year, I was attempting “shop your closet” and failed.  Then I decided to track just how much I spent on clothes, but after a couple of months – I went back to ignorance is bliss.  I was sort of horrified over how much I was spending, for no real reason, but decided to just ignore the monetary figure and keep purchasing. *shudders*

I did a little bit of research and settled on 5% of my take home pay as my budget.  This is to cover fashion clothing, underthings, fashion shoes, accessories (purses, jewelry, scarves, etc.), makeup, hair and anything else that falls into the “style” category.  When I looked at the lump sum, I didn’t think it was too bad.  I had an “I can do this” mentality.  However, I figured out my monthly average budget and got a little sad.  It might be tougher than I thought!

Now, now, I know what you might be thinking.  “But, I thought she was on a shopping (ready to wear) fast?!”  I am.  I will continue to be – so this year.  I will be including fabric, notions, and patterns into the budget.  This is something that I will probably incorporate annually – as my sewing skills improve – I might be able to stretch the dollar further by making some big ticket items, rather than purchasing them.  (Way, way in the future!)

I hope this will also discourage me from any UFOs, as I only have so much money to buy things for the whole year – I should finish/salvage things and get use out of them!

I will not be including gear in this budget; good workout shoes can be quite pricey, but they are not “fashionable” and I do not wear them outside of the gym.  The same goes with workout apparel (ok, I try not to wear it outside of the gym, but sometimes, I can’t help it) and certain types of hiking/camping/fishing gear.  My convertible Columbia SPF pants, while really useful – are not something I wear outside of certain activities!

Now, I just have to poke around excel and try to create a spreadsheet to track my expenses! 


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