Finally, a Success!

I decided to tackle the Tokyo Tie Bag in Diana Rupp’s Sew Everything Workshop Book.  I bought the book, then the Craftsy Course that she teaches and I really think they compliment each other well.

I wanted to have something colorful, patterned and cute to use as a simple bag and found some fabric at the quilt shop where my American Sewing Guild Neighborhood Meeting was held this morning.  The meeting was awesome; the group focuses on garment sewing – specifically fitting.  Last year they made a pants sloper and this year we are focusing on altering a woven bodice pattern into a personal sloper.  I met a lot of really nice people with years and years and years of experience.  The leader has been into garment sewing for 50 years!  I hope to learn a lot from these folks!

Anyways, I found some fabric, bought some canvas for lining and followed the directions in the book.  It came together really quickly and I decided to make a second, fancier one.  Each bag features french seams and a snap closure.Image


I had some old brocade (?) fabric that I tried to cut into a skirt about eight years ago – the last time I tried to sew (but Craftsy didn’t exist).  I didn’t know anything about grainlines.  It was basically a ruined experiment, but I held onto the fabric.  I was able to salvage it for another handbag!

After all my waders lately – it felt really good to have a couple of successes!


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