Pictures and THE PURGE!


This is my closet – ready to go from 1 January to 31 March.  The left is work clothes (which aren’t counted), the middle houses my P333 collection, the shelves contain sweaters and accessories on the first two shelves, then the selected jeans and finally workout clothing (also aren’t counted).  My side of the closet looks SOOO bare compared to DH!


Ever since last fall, I started feeling overwhelmed with my stuff.  It just seemed like it was growing to fill every empty space in our home.  P333 was my first experiment in doing more with less – and it whetted my appetite for downsizing.  There are times that DH thinks I have lost my mind, but I have been going through my belonging a little every week, in what I call “THE PURGE”.  This is my current charity pile, minus another dresser, which hasn’t made it downstairs yet.  I figure the more dressers/storage I have, the more likely I am to fill it – so simple solution would be to get rid of it!

I have FOUR garbage bags full of very nice, barely worn, closet orphans, black clothing, and other articles that I just didn’t love enough to keep.  I really hope they are enjoyed by someone else.  So I began with clothing, then I moved into the bathroom and started purging my cosmetics, toiletries, lotions/creams, perfumes, etc.  My mom is going to get a nice surprise in the mail next week!

I went through my books, which have always been tough to get rid of, but I never re-read anything so I am not sure why I am hoarding them, when they can be enjoyed by someone else!  I went through my jewelry – mom will be receiving more surprises!  I realized that as much as I keep trying to buy “statement jewelry”, it just isn’t me.  I prefer gem stone studs, pearl button earrings, plain gold chains with a low key pendant, and other “simple” jewelry.  I also got rid of all the silver toned jewelry since I don’t wear it at all anymore.

THE PURGE has been continuing into the kitchen and other areas of the home.  I am trying to consolidate my cookbooks so I can donate the ones that I only use a couple of recipes out of it.

I am ashamed to admit that everything in that pile is mine – I am not forcing DH to purge (even though I would be thrilled – but he’s not quite ready to do a large scale cleaning/sorting session).  It is eye opening to see the buy-purge-buy-purge cycle and how much money has been wasted.  I want to break that cycle and am really hoping this RTW fast will help cure me of the compulsive desire to buy stuff!


Hello 2014, P333 and the Shopping Fast!

The new year is here and with it, a new motivation to quit the mediocre fit, quality, and colors of ready to wear garments in favor for custom creations!  I am very excited about it, and I am confident that this year will fly by and I won’t miss ready to wear shopping!

I am less confident in my sewing abilities and am a little frightened that my year will be relegated to scrunchies and pajama shorts with upside down print, as those are the only apparel I have finished (and boxers for DH), but I won’t be wearing those. 🙂

I am also starting another round of Project 333 for the new year, and this time, I am one step closer to following the true P333.  Last time I didn’t count shoes and non-jewelry accessories like purses, scarves, etc.  This time, I am including both of those categories.

So, the breakdown is as follows (I am trying to get pictures, but I am having technical difficulties this morning):


1.  Nude Heels

2.  Brown Moto Boots

3.  Brown Flats


4.  Cognac Custom Purse

5.  Tiger Clutch

6.  Giraffe Scarf

7.  Ray-Bans Aviators

8.  Brown Leather Belt


9.  Teal Fleece

10.  Brown V-Neck Pullover

11.  Brown Turtleneck

12.  Cream Chunky Cardigan

13.  Teal Light Cardigan


14.  Cream and Navy Striped Sailor Shirt

15.  Bronze Drape Neck Sleeveless

16.  Emerald Scoop Neck T

17.  Teal/Purple Flannel

18.  Teal Button Up (Casual)

19.  Purple Button Up (Dressy)

20.  Brown Scoop Neck T

21.  Cream/Gold Sleeveless

22.  Ivory Tunic (with custom button job)

23.  Ivory 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

24.  Ivory Sleeveless


25.  Brown Skirt

26.  Brown Slacks

27.  Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

28.  Dark Wash Boot-cut, short inseam

29.  Medium Wash Boot-cut, long inseam


30.  Purple Dress

31.  WVU Grey T-shirt

32.  WVU Navy Yoga Jacket

33.  Wildcard (I am still undecided on this last item and am allowing a few extra days to pick it out)

I was able to use lessons learned from the last go-round for this one and realized that I don’t wear as many clothes as I think I do and I err on the side of casual most of the time.