Quick Thoughts While Everyone Else Is Sleeping

  • Invisible zipper gave me a hard time last night because I used a regular zipper foot.
  • I played with my walking foot on some knits tonight, yay – because I live in knits.  This is a big step!
  • My coworker is purging.  He found a “sewing machine” that he’s going to give to me if I can make good on my “no shopping for a year” pledge.  I googled it – it is a serger.  An older one, with no manual, but more of a serger than I have now.  Is it truly meant to be?
  • Ms. Gunn over at http://goodbyevalentino.com is a genius!  The group of women that she has inspired is amazing and I can already tell that it we all will be incredible resources for each other throughout the year.
  • I bit the bullet and finally bought Maria Denmark’s Day to Night Drape Neck top over at Craftsy.  I have been in love since I first saw it, as my favorite shirts in my current RTW wardrobe are the same style.  However, I am between sizes XS and S – and it also doesn’t come with a same allowance.  I have no idea how to add a seam allowance.  I am tempted to cut and sew a S with a 5/8 inch seam allowance and *fingers crossed* it fits.  I was told that this is not the correct way of going about things.  Sad face.
  • I am determined to quietly sneak another truck load of my unwanted/needed/loved belongings out the door of my house…as soon as possible.  Can’t do it too soon or the DH will notice.  Must move slow.  Maybe he won’t see me.  Not sure why he cares, it is not his stuff.  He still thinks I am crazy.
  • During THE PURGE, I have also been working on ridding our home of harsh chemicals, which goes inline with making my own soap, lotions, etc.  (that whole hippie kick I have been on).  I picked up some soap nuts and wool dryer balls.  I already make my own “febreeze” with white vinegar, distilled water, and essential oils.  Now I have no idea what to do with the “bag-o-chemicals” sitting in my garage.  DH thinks that since we already spent the money, we should use them up.  I want them out.  We seem to have come to an impasse.
  • I put two Coach purses on Ebay.  I will miss them (or the money spent on them), but they are really just taking up dust.

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