Zipper Woes

I hate zippers.  Granted, I have only been sewing for less than a month, but they are something that I feel like I will always be fighting with!

I have worked on two different skirts, one Simplicity 2314 in an online class with Mimi G over at and a pencil skirt pattern from the Sew Everything Workshop, with Diana Rupp in a Craftsy class.  Which both classes are pretty awesome – I have learned a lot from the two women.  Anyways, each lady has a different way of installing an invisible zipper – I happen to prefer Mimi G’s explanation and way of doing things over Ms. Rupp’s, but I still can’t make it pretty.

I have all but abandoned Simplicity 2314, as the waist band notches aren’t matching the notches on the skirt body.  I don’t know if it has something to do with the interfacing preventing stretching – as that cotton seems to have a fair bit of stretch to it.

I finished the pencil skirt muslin last night, fulling suspecting I would have to make some changes, especially around the waist and the hips, but the Holidays must have snuck up on me and the muslin fit perfect.  The zipper, using Ms. Rupp’s method, still looked like poo, but it was my muslin, so I didn’t care to much.  I laid out the pattern on my fashion fabric and started cutting and assembling last night.  The material is a dream to work with and super cute!  It is an olive green, bottom weight with a subtle cheetah/leopard print on it.  I am just starting to get into prints, especially animal prints, but still prefer subtle prints and solids.  Its a perfect match to work with.  I also have a couple yards of a teal zebra print bottom weight and have been eyeballing a dark brown print (maybe giraffe – can’t remember right now).

I do have to say, the darts were WAY easier the second time around!

Anyways, the skirt is waiting on a waistband, lining, and a hem, but here is a picture of my progress and ugly zipper!



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  1. Beautiful material! I really don’t know how my invisible zippers go in. Last time I did one I used a special foot for it, followed the foot’s instructions (even though they didn’t make any sense) and then POOF … It was done. I still don’t know what I did! Your’s looks like it has one small overlap that I can see in the close up, but the material is lovely and what does it look like when you actually put the skirt on – bet you won’t even notice it!

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