When one is learning, there are bound to be mistakes.

When one is learning, there are bound to be mistakes.

I have been working on McCall’s 5248, a multi-piece pajama set with some SUPER cute flannel I got on sale. Well, the whole project has turned into a nightmare. First, I pretreated the fabric, but it shrunk SO much, that my pants had to be turned into shorts, but I didn’t figure that out until I already cut the first pant leg (it is 44″ fabric). Then I placed that pattern on the fabric and cut away! After doing the basic construction on the pajama shorts, I held them up and noticed that my birds are upside down! So…do I make the shirt match, with upside down birds – for continuity’s sake, or do I cut the pattern correct? However, that is one mistake that I am pretty sure I won’t do again!


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  1. Oh my! I once had a friend who hemmed up her husband’s new dress pants, unfortunately she miss-measured and ended up making the hem about 10 inches too short! She (and her husband) have decided to leave the sewing to others! Just think, it could have been worse!

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