Hello 2014, P333 and the Shopping Fast!

The new year is here and with it, a new motivation to quit the mediocre fit, quality, and colors of ready to wear garments in favor for custom creations!  I am very excited about it, and I am confident that this year will fly by and I won’t miss ready to wear shopping!

I am less confident in my sewing abilities and am a little frightened that my year will be relegated to scrunchies and pajama shorts with upside down print, as those are the only apparel I have finished (and boxers for DH), but I won’t be wearing those. 🙂

I am also starting another round of Project 333 for the new year, and this time, I am one step closer to following the true P333.  Last time I didn’t count shoes and non-jewelry accessories like purses, scarves, etc.  This time, I am including both of those categories.

So, the breakdown is as follows (I am trying to get pictures, but I am having technical difficulties this morning):


1.  Nude Heels

2.  Brown Moto Boots

3.  Brown Flats


4.  Cognac Custom Purse

5.  Tiger Clutch

6.  Giraffe Scarf

7.  Ray-Bans Aviators

8.  Brown Leather Belt


9.  Teal Fleece

10.  Brown V-Neck Pullover

11.  Brown Turtleneck

12.  Cream Chunky Cardigan

13.  Teal Light Cardigan


14.  Cream and Navy Striped Sailor Shirt

15.  Bronze Drape Neck Sleeveless

16.  Emerald Scoop Neck T

17.  Teal/Purple Flannel

18.  Teal Button Up (Casual)

19.  Purple Button Up (Dressy)

20.  Brown Scoop Neck T

21.  Cream/Gold Sleeveless

22.  Ivory Tunic (with custom button job)

23.  Ivory 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

24.  Ivory Sleeveless


25.  Brown Skirt

26.  Brown Slacks

27.  Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

28.  Dark Wash Boot-cut, short inseam

29.  Medium Wash Boot-cut, long inseam


30.  Purple Dress

31.  WVU Grey T-shirt

32.  WVU Navy Yoga Jacket

33.  Wildcard (I am still undecided on this last item and am allowing a few extra days to pick it out)

I was able to use lessons learned from the last go-round for this one and realized that I don’t wear as many clothes as I think I do and I err on the side of casual most of the time.


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