Going on another fast and learning to sew!

Well, after (not) much thought, I have decided to go on another clothing shopping fast.  I picked up some stuff at Dress Barn at the end of P333, as a treat – they were knit shirts, made in USA, machine washable, and in the colors I like but I am not 100% sold on the fit.  I am debating taking them back in at the moment or figuring out how to alter them to fit better.

In addition to the shopping fast, the only new garments (with the exception of socks, underthings, and jeans?) that I will be able to have must either be gifts, trades, or made by me.  Given the fact that I only got my sewing machine a couple of weeks ago and have only (semi)sucessfully sewed a pair of envelope pillow cases for some old throw pillows and pretty much failed at the contruction of boxers – this will be quite the challenge.

Luckily, on patternreview.com, I found a “sew your own clothes for a year” support group, which led me to Goodbye Valentino and her upcoming one year ready to wear clothing fast.  I also joined the American Sewing Guild so I can have access to the Neighboor Groups, giving me a chance to meet with those who sew locally and hopefully learn from them during the meetings.

My husband thinks I have lost my mind.  However, I was able to talk him into giving me my sewing machine early so I can start learning how to use it.  I would really like to succeed in this challenge and start working my way towards a smaller, smarter, made by me wardrobe.

So, in order to really focus this year, my Sew With A Plan plan includes limiting my color choices to ivory/cream, light/medium/dark brown, teal/turquiose, salmon/peach, rust/pumpkin and all greens.   I don’t want any orphans.

I really want to focus on having a small amount of patterns that become my “tried and tested” go-to patterns that fit perfectly and I can whip up in a relatively short amount of time.  I am chasing a TNT Sheath Dress (both for knit and woven), a knit cowl neck shell (I ❤ these but can never find colors I like or good quality), pencil skirt suitable for both knits and wovens, a gored skirt pattern, a woven sundress pattern, a knit tee shirt with variable necklines and sleeve lengths, pajamas, and eventually a blazer/jacket, cardigan, and trouser/tailored shorts pattern.

As you can see, my aspirations far exceed my current abilities – but I really hope to be able to get some wearable garments this year!