Almost Over

So, I have less than a week left for P333.  I have done well, but I did see a large amount of cream shirts for sale while I was at the mall about a month ago – and I bought some.  I have a really hard time finding that color and decided to go ahead and stock up on a few.  I brought the receipts home and gave them to my husband for a Christmas gift.

No one has noticed that I have been wearing only a selection of my clothes, and I really am not the surprised as I noticed that I don’t really pay attention to how often others wear something.

I think the most valuable lesson I have learned in all of this is to really shop with purpose, trying to ignore all the flashy sales and discounts, and buy things that I need, that fit, and will wear.  I check all labels now, and even if I love it – if it is “Made in China”, I put it back on the rack.  I don’t feel much better about “Made in India” and “Made in [insert another country with questionable labor practices]”, but sometimes, a girl needs a parka!

So, the more I have thought about what I am looking for in clothing, and the less I can actually find things that meet the criteria (Made in the USA, colors that work in my wardrobe (salmon, rust, olive, teal, chocolate, ivory/cream, eggplant), wash and wear (screw dry cleaning!), specific cuts/shapes, and low maintenance (I don’t enjoy ironing)  the more I realize they just don’t exist.

I have asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and I have already purchased some patterns that are the cuts I enjoy, have been scoping out fabric, ordered a couple Sewing 101 books, watched some youtube videos and figured out the local class schedule.  I am determined to learn to sew garments and I know it won’t be easy, but I think it will be way more satisfying in the long run.  Plus, when I want an olive green drape neck sleeveless top in a synthetic material that I can throw in the washing machine – I can make it instead of settling for a kelly green cotton tank top.

I feel like this project has taught me a lot – especially how to limit or prevent those impulse clothing purchases or settling for something that doesn’t actually meet my needs – so I continue to buy more things that are ALMOST what I need, but not quite.

Now if only Christmas would get here so I can start learning how to sew!