Just Thought of Something – Full Price Items

As I have been purging, I have really focused on things that I LOVE.  Colors that flatter me, cuts that work with my body, clothes that fit my lifestyle needs and I have noticed something pretty surprising.  The things that I am just “meh” about and end up in the donate pile, or for the most part (about 90%), things I’ve purchased on sale.  Those things that I paid full retail for seem to be making the cut.  I don’t think it has anything to do with paying full price and therefore not willing to part with it so easily, but more of a “I must have really loved this to pay full price”.  

I believe that part of my problem was being a bargain hunter and falling for sales.  I would buy something because it is a great deal.  I didn’t buy it because I loved it.  I think this is a GIGANTIC breakthrough for why I tend to buy so many clothes but have such a dysfunctional wardrobe.

I have also noticed distinct holes in my wardrobe as I continue to pare down.  I have a lighter color and material skirt/pant/jacket suiting set.  I have a dark brown skirt, pants, and jacket – all different brands and slightly different colors.  I feel that I need one good dark brown, all season, suiting set.  Preferably a skirt, pants, jacket combo (a dress would be nice, too), all the same brand and same dye so it can be worn together.

Oh!  I also noticed that I do really love the jeans I have been wearing, which is probably how they made the cut to begin with.  I don’t understand why I have so many jeans when three pairs really cover all my needs.  I saved a couple pairs to act as “backup” to replace these when they wear out.

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