P33 – My Choices

These ramblings are more to keep myself on track, and be able to reference my thought process at a later date, but feel free to take away anything useful from it!

It’s been a little over a week and I am happy to report that I haven’t even noticed that I culled my wardrobe.  This isn’t a shocking revelation for me, as I stated earlier – I usually wear a uniform four days out of the week and change into pajamas or lounge clothing when I get home.  Since I have two slobbery fur factories, it’s just in my clothes’ best interest to remove them for something more forgiving, like a set of flannel pjs.

So, let’s get into what my Project 333 Capsule looks like and how I decided on what to wear.  The Vivienne Files are my saving grace in this project, as I wouldn’t have had the first idea of how to decide what to keep for the next three months.  I had to consider a couple things for my choices:  what do I need for MY life (not the life I wish I had) and how do I deal with unpredictable transitional weather (going from September – it was 90 degrees yesterday- to December).  For the latter, I have learned that lots of lighter layers is as warm or warmer than one bulky layer, so I kept reminding myself of that as I made my choices.  For the former question – as much as I want to be a classic, chic, sophisticated dresser to attend all sorts of dinner parties, teas, theaters, etc. – I have to realize that my life revolves around work (uniformed, so no need for all my suiting separates), taking care of the fur factories (trips to the park, trails, walks), and personal entertainment which involves lots of sporting events and more casual environments.

Ideally, each category should have four items (and steps one and two should be two bottoms and two tops – but this isn’t hard and fast, at least for me).  I adapted the list to make it work for ME – as I am a jeans girl most of the time; some of the bottoms were removed in steps one and two to make room for jeans.

According to Vivienne, I need to start with a “core of four, in a dark neutral”.  As much as I wish I could wear black to simplify everything, I can’t (well I can, but it really drains all my color), so my dark neutral is dark brown.  I chose a short sleeve (s/s) knit top, a turtleneck sweater, a Blazer, and heather brown slacks.

Next, I need another core of four, but in a lighter neutral.  I chose to use  an oatmeal brown and went with a pair of tan boot cut jeans, sleeveless shirt, a ½ sleeve scoop neck t-shirt, and a long sleeve (l/s) t-shirt.

Step three is an accent color that works with both neutrals, and I chose a rust orange.  My choices were a ½ sleeve faux wrap shirt, a sleeveless shirt, a pullover, and a cardigan.

Step four involved a mid-tone neutral and I chose tan.  I originally had a tan patterned sun dress and a button up shirt in this category.   I decided that I’d rather use a purple dress, as it is solid – and frankly, I just felt that my options needed a bit more color, as I had A LOT of brown in the closet.

Next up is “lights”, and I chose ivory, as I cannot pull of a crisp white very well.  I went with a l/s shirt, a chunky cardigan, and a sleeveless ruffled blouse.

Step six is to add prints and textures, which I did by choosing a tan lace l/s shirt, a turquoise and cream striped shirt, and a turquoise and purple plaid flannel.

My signature color, step seven, is teal.  I added a teal cardigan, a button up shirt, a sleeveless shirt, a s/s shirt, a l/s shirt, a (more an of emerald teal) Henley, a teal and cream “french sailor shirt” and a pullover sweater.

Step eight is essentials and gaps.  I added in dark wash skinny jeans, dark wash boot cut jeans, medium wash boot cut jeans, a cream and navy striped shirt,  a purple Henley, a college football t-shirt and a college football full zip l/s shirt.

These items can take me almost anywhere this season.  I know I can make the outfits even more versatile with the strategic use of accessories – but I am terrified of accessories and don’t have the first idea of how to use them.  I wear the same two-tone, diamond and mother of pearl watch daily. I also prefer a simple gold chain over big statement necklaces, but I would love to get a couple of statement necklaces and learn to wear them confidently.  My earrings are almost always a small pair of diamond studs and/or a small pair of diamond accented hoops.  Sometimes I swap things out for pearls, but I always do studs and/or hoops – nothing too exciting.  My belts err on the side of practical and I rotate out two different ones (but pretty much the same) of dark brown, plain leather with a plain buckle.

Unforeseen consequence to having less “stuff”:  I know instantly when I missing something!  I have each hanger in a slat (?) in my wire shelf closet.  Makes it easy to not expand – I plan to not add something unless I can make room for it…by emptying the hanger!  There won’t be a whole lot of room for frivolous purchases, as there are only so many slats.  I think its genius!

121_0663 121_0664 121_0665 121_0666 121_0667 121_0668 121_0669 121_0671


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