First Non-Uniformed Day at Work Thoughts

Today I decided to wear my medium wash boot cut jeans, a heathered purple henley, and teal and purple flannel shirt, and my new (and favorite) brown Gasolina Moto Boots.  I felt awesome – my outfit was super comfortable and very close to my “true” style, or what I feel most like myself in.  

I was met with “going country?” and “Kurt Cobain, much?” today from a few different co-workers.  I shrugged it off, I loved what I was wearing and what do a bunch of middle-aged guys know anyways?  

All the pieces I wore today are definitely 10’s (except for the Henley:  love the cut, the fabric feels a little thin though and I worry about its longevity, so I give it an 8).  But on a mission to have nothing less than 8’s in the closet.  This is an awesome first step!

This is the unveiling of my Project 333 closet.  I moved EVERYTHING out to the spare room and started sorting a bunch of stuff.  I immediately returned my P333 items and my uniforms for work (but I pare those WAY down – I swear, work stuff took up half my closet before).  I then had all this extra room, so I hung up my pajamas and added a sweater hanger, so I could move out the eyesore of an oak dresser that my dear husband brought to our marriage.  I also hang out my work out tops and camisoles, so you will see those in there, too.

I get a great feeling every time I look at what is now my closet, b/c I know I have a use for or LOVE everything that is hanging up there and it is not just a bunch of stuff taking up space.  

I tried on a bunch of sweaters that were being stored in the dresser and decided to part with some and found a couple gems (I really like a sweater dress on me that I have never even tried on before!).  I realized a lot of my sweaters were just either too frumpy or too tight.  I am not 20 anymore and those sweaters still fit – they just don’t fit as flattering as they did when I was 20 and the were new(er).  Also, I realized that I should probably stop buying brown (of any shade) sweaters for a while!  Most of the sweaters that were at least 8’s on me, were of the brown variety!  

So, without further ado, here is what is now my closet:


I should have taken a before, but didn’t think too.  I split the walk-in with my husband and my stuff was starting to encroach on his side.  I also had that terrible dresser pushed against that back wall that you see, and it was full.  I am pretty happy with my progress so far – I admit, its hard to get rid of so much stuff, since I feel like I am wasting money.  However, that money is already spent and it is not like I wearing any of the things I am donating – let someone else who needs them and will appreciate them have my clothes.  A lot of my stuff still has tags on it!  If I haven’t worn it already, and some stuff is over a year old; I doubt I am ever going to wear it.

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