My Personal Project 333 Rules

I am adapting my rules to ensure success.  That is, after all, the point of the exercise, right?  Learn to live with less and continue working on evolving into a simpler, but more enjoyable life.

The Rules:

  • No new clothing purchases.  NONE at this point – if a pair of undies wear out – too bad, I have PLENTY.  For every month that I succeed in no new clothing purchases, I get $100 to go into a fund towards purchasing some Kika Paprika clothing (  I just found this yesterday and IT IS AMAZING!  Its made in the USA, eco-friendly, gives back, and essentially is all the things that most corporations are not; which I am really digging right now.  I only get to buy things at the end of the 90 day cycle(s).
  • Its been said before, but 33 articles of clothing.  Gymwear, work uniforms, pajamas, underwear and specialized “gear” (such as hiking pants that I only wear while hiking or fishing pants, etc.) do not count towards the 33.
  • Continue “the purge”.  I want everything to fit me well, be a good color for my complexion, and get things tailored finally.  I have a lot of nice black business wear that I haven’t really worn, but bought “in case I need it” and “it was on sale”.  I am boxing up all my black stuff and if I don’t have a need for it in six months, it is going to a local charity to help women enter the workforce.  
  • Work on really honing in style and lifestyle to find a balance.  I tend to buy for the life I want to lead (socialite, business classic, etc.) rather than the life I live.  I am a t-shirt, button up, jeans girl for the most part; so why fight it and buy suiting separates every time I see them on sale.  I really only need ONE good suiting set (Jacket, pants, skirt, and dress).  Maybe in the future, I can find one good set and get rid of all my other separates.  

By the time I finish one cycle, I would like to pare down some more and do the TRUE Project 333 for a cycle.  When I get back to buying items (in theory to fill some gaps in a small, great looking, but functional (for my life) wardrobe that makes me happy, I want to focus on buying USA made goods and higher quality things,  I need to learn to really pay attention to the cost per wear.  I might gulp when I see a higher price tag, but if I wear it more often – it actually costs less than the impulse buy Banana Republic Print shirt on the clearance rack for $9.99 that I wore once.  After my husband said I looked like a 1970’s tile floor, it went into the purge pile ($9.99/wear).  I have a really cute “sailor shirt” that I have worn three times since I bought it (  It was $35, but the cost per wear is $11.60 right now.  It is part of my 33 items so it will definitely get another wear in the near future, which brings the price down to $8.75/wear.  Terrible example, but the only one I could think of right exact prices right now.  It is also really heavy gauge cotton and nicely dyed and sewed and will last quite a while.  The print/colors/style are classic which means I can wear it in three years!  I like it so much *guilty as charged*, I bought a teal and cream version a couple weeks ago!

Ok, I must go and watch the GREATEST QUARTERBACK EVER, Mr. Peyton Manning, play the first game of the season!


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